Podcasts and why I love them!

So, you know when you find something that other people have been doing for ages and just because you finally catch on to it, you feel like you’ve literally just found land and named it America???!!! Yeah well that’s me and Podcasts!

I drive a lot for work, and I love music so I always listened to the radio or Spotify on my drives. On a Saturday afternoon you’ve got movies & musicals on Lyric! FYI! But one day, someone, can’t remember who, said… ‘Have you listened to S-town?’… And so my Podcast obsession began!

It was like a whole new world opened up for me! I firstly had to figure out how you listened to them, I literally had no clue. There’s an app on the iPhone – who knew! (Also Spotify!) I looked up S-town, found it and, like, 3 mins in, when I realised these were not actors (insert shocked face emoji), I was hooked!!! I couldn’t wait to get in to the car to find out what would happen next.

From there I moved on to Serial – oh man! Obsessed! (Did he do it tho?!) I felt the need to share with everyone, lady in the bank etc! It was then I realised lots of people listed to podcasts, so it wasn’t just me! Now I haven’t had that feeling of pure ‘making a murderer’ fascination since those first two but I have stumbled upon so many great chat show type shows that I’m just really loving. Some of my faves to date are;

  • The longest shortest time
  • Stuff mom never told you
  • Desert Island discs
  • Ted talks daily
  • Raw podcast
  • Rough translation
  • This American life
  • Homo Sapiens

The great thing about podcasts is that it seems to be a really supportive world where everyone wants everyone else to do well so I will always get a lead for another podcast while listening to a podcast! This is how I’ve found pretty much all of the above.

I’ve have some bad days too, it can’t all be wonderful right?! The day I turned on ‘It galz’ as I set off on a long winding road to Ballybeg house where there’s no way to fumble with your phone to hit the ‘stop… please god stop’ button was one of the less enjoyable podcast sessions!

I’m always on the hunt for something along the lines of Serial and S-town so I found Homecoming and thought – yes! Here we go! But I’m on the fence, It’s not doing it for me two episodes in… all seems a bit forced and un-convincing… we’ll see… (I still love you David Schwimmer)

I’d LOVE to hear some of your fave ‘casts… do we do that? No?! Maybe we say ‘Pods’… right we’ll stick to ‘Podcasts’. Let me know what to listen to next and if you’re just starting your journey… I’m jealous. Enjoy S-town and getting to know John B… God I wish I was starting again!

Sian x