The ‘Day Two Topknot’ – How to…

I have the kind of hair that takes a lot of effort to style. Once it’s done I’m good for days, more than I’d care to admit TBH! But there is a point in this cycle when I feel I’m not ready to wash it – I need to be in the zone to take on this mammoth task! So I always head for my go to, last resort, get another day out of it style… the Day Two Topknot!

Now if I’m honest, for me this should be called the day five top knot but that didn’t have the same ring to it and people may not watch for fear of what they might see!! But honestly some of us just don’t have oily hair and use hard-core shower caps! Don’t judge me…!

Here’s how to…

  • Scoop all your hair up as if you’re doing a pony but on the last twist of the bobbin don’t pull all the way through (see Video) the position of this is all important! When you do this is has to be right up there above the crown …
  • Secure with a strong hair bobbin, little flimsy ones won’t cut it here!
  • Pull this half pulled through piece of hair to shape it up a bit.
  • Pull the top and sides of your hair a little with your fingers to soften the look, pull out a few layered bits around your face if you so desire J
  • Next, take the end of the pony tail and wrap it around the base of the pony and tuck in in to the bobbin
  • Look at the over all shape and secure with a couple of bobby pins to finish

Easy as that!

Sian x