The Perfect Pony – How to…

The world loves the pony right now from catwalk to bride, they’re all at it! It looks as good with jeans and a top as it does with a wedding dress. Its versatile and believe it or not easy to do and here’s how…


  • Curl your hair however you find easiest
  • Spray the roots with some texture spray – this is my fave.
  • Separate your hair from the crown to the top of the ears
  • Place a normal pony on the back section
  • Backcomb around the crown and softly gather the hair back to the original pony moulding the top in to the desired shape
  • Secure with a bobbin
  • Look in the mirror and shape up the style.
  • Use a small piece of the pony to cover the bobbin, secure with a bobby pin
  • Spritz with your fave hairspray – this is mine


Show me you’re perfect (or not so perfect 😉 pony!)


Sian x