Each of my reviews will have the following categories. In case it’s not self explanatory, here’s how it works…

PACKAGING  :   I know this isn’t the most important thing but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t matter a little bit!!! It definitely won’t be the deciding factor in whether I stick with a product but it will sway me to purchase and help me choose between two similar products!

BOTTLE FUNCTION  :   Might sound odd but seriously! There’s nothing worse than a product that’s trapped in the bottle or sprays out inefficiently. This could definitely put me off a product even if I love it…

SMELL. :   So important as I’m a bit headachey! Hate anything too strong or anything that leaves a residue in your mouth!!! Hairdressers, you know what I mean – six upstyles in a row, it can be intense!!! (Insert Vom emoji!)

RESULT  :   How it worked out for me. I have thick, naturally dry, frizzy, coloured, long  hair. Nice!!! This is just my experience using the product and I haven’t been paid to endorse any of the products I review. I’ve bought them all myself – If I ever haven’t, I’ll tell you! (we can all dream, right?!)

FINAL WORDS  :  A little synopsis of my experience!