My fave product ever!

I use a small selection of products coz sometimes I just think you gotta keep it simple. I could be a marketers dream if I let myself but I’ve worked hard over the years to curb this urge and pair back my kit to just keep what I really need. Partly, I’m not gonna lie, because I no longer work in a salon so have to buy all my own stuff 😆 and partly because I have a weird obsession with only having the one bag when I go on a job! I pack that thing with military precision! People are like, ‘can I help you pack up’ and I’m like, ‘back away from the bag!’

Anyway, the fave… when I first started in Toni & Guy we used Bed Head. I loved it! Loved the look of it, the smell of it – everything! Then they stopped with Bedhead and started their own brand – LabelM (which I also love, but I’ll save that for another day) When I went freelance one of the most exciting, and hard to get used to things was being able to use (and wear!) whatever I wanted! I continued to only wear black and buy only black tools! It just felt weird to break out of the monochrome way of life!

Then I remembered my love of Bedhead so I went to the suppliers and stocked up – Oh it felt gooood! I’ve found that I actually didn’t need/like all of the products but there was one that has become a staple in my kit. I use it for 100% of my up styles and down styles for that matter.



Masterpiece hairspray! Yaaaaas! It’s soft and workable but when you layer it up it has the hold I like. There’s no white flakiness if you brush over it and the smell… oh the smell – love it!! It’s great for humidity so when you’re Irish… nuff said!




I’ve tried and tested lots of other hairsprays some bed head, some other brands. Some work well but smell rank. When you do 5/6 people in a row, you can get a coating on the inside of your mouth from breathing! This is a real no no Obvs! I’m very prone to headaches, another reason why the smell is so important! Some pass the smell test but are too wet, too flaky, don’t hold enough – hold too much!


To wrap it up – if you’re looking for a hairspray get this one- it’s deadly! #thisisnotanad

Sian x