Aside from anything hair related, it’s a good general life tip, once you have kids to try and not forget about them 😆

As I’m a hairstylist and a mum I like to use the good stuff for my kids hair! I wouldn’t use my good stuff now!!! Not even the husband gets my good stuff! Also, kids hair is usually a finer texture and has no chemical damage (from colour, blow drying, hot tools) so the product I use would be too heavy anyway.

Revlon Kids Equave Detangling spray

I picked up the Revlon Professional Equave detangling leave in conditioner (€14) first coz anything to make the combing easier right??!! It works a treat, it needs a shake to mix the two components then you just give a few sprays through the hair and it really helps the comb glide through. A tip is to hold the spray a few inches from the hair to avoid over loading and just spray the midlenghts and ends. It smells apple-y and delicious! It doesn’t completely stop my children shouting as if I’m committing murder but it definitely shortens the timeframe!

I came across the Kids Equave shampoo (€11) and picked that up next and I really like it too. Again with the yummy smell and it’s hypo allergenic so I wasn’t worried about it getting in to the bath water and irritating the girls skin.

I usually add 2/3 drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo once a month in case of any unwelcome visitors! Tea tree is a good natural repellent and might just save us from a influx of the dreaded nits!

Another handy little tip was that the pump action top is lockable! So, bringing it to swimming was possible without it spilling all over  the bag – it’s the little things!!!

It’s a bit dearer than your supermarket brands but as with all professional products, a small amount goes along way.

And sure, damn the expense,  don’t the little treasures deserve it!!!

Product shpeel! 

This shampoo is formulated without sulfates and contains no allergens or colorants. With conditioning agents and Vitamin B5, it gently cleanses and nourishes the hair.

The leave in conditioner is formulated with wheat proteins that protect the hair and make combing easier. Enriched with keratin to reduce tangling and prevent static. Contains UVA/UVB filter.