I wouldn’t consider my self un-relaxed! But its only when I was forced to relax that I realised it’s not something I actually do often!

This year on my hols, I dropped my phone down the loo! Rage! I had plans to show my huge following in instagram (!!!)  what a beautiful place Aegina, my tiny secret greek island is. I was going to show them all how I cope with my massive hair in the heat and what products I use. It was gonna be great! I had put on my email vacation responder but I had plans to check the emails 3 times just to ‘check in’, just in case like! But it all went to pot (literally!) when I heard that dull splash… I won’t go in to details…

You know what, it was the best thing that could have happened…I didn’t realise it but all my ‘plans’ were only going to use up my relaxation time. I enjoy social media and don’t consider it work, but thats what it is for me. Its effort and thought and energy that I actually needed for  breathing in and looking up… In order to totally switch off I needed to waterlog my phone!

As an added bonus, I tried to get in to my email on a borrowed device – for work like!! I managed to lock my self out of that too so I literally had nothing!!! Eventually, after a mild panic and a failed attempt to hack my daughters iPad, It was bliss!!!!!

Earlier this year, Storm Emma forced to relax  and again for The Big Snow! We still had our devices and wifi (thank God for that, I’ve two kids, needs must!!) but we were limited by the outdoor situation and so had to hang out, at home, together, on a random weekday.  I honestly think there are some people who only actually do this on Christmas Day! With the busy lives we lead, we can’t just all batten down the hatches for a duvet day whenever the mood takes us. We’ve bills to pay, classes to attend, bodies to sculpt in the gym ( Not mine obvs but ya know!) This was quality time we were all given, extra bonus time to recharge and relax. I’d say we were happier as a nation because of it!

When I was a kid, we went to Mass every week. For loads of us, this was invaluble time and we didn’t even know it.. One hour in the week where we sat, with our family, still, quiet, catching our breath. Reflecting on our selves, or if not reflecting at the very least just sitting with ourselves, in a quiet space. When do we get that chance now? Some weeks I’m not sure we’ve even all sat together for a full hour, never mind quietly just breathing and thinking and being ‘forced’ to relax… I didn’t know it at the time, but this ritual that we all just ‘had’ to do was slowing us down, allowing us to catch up with ourselves before we all set off again for another week.

Religion is not a big part of a lot of our lives these days and that’s understandable when there are a lot of elements of the church that don’t make sense to people anymore ( to put it mildly) But If were not guided in to these weekly rituals do we just forget to have any time out?? If our devices don’t fall down the loo, do we forget to put them down? If I finish this blog post in unanswered questions, am I Carrie Bradshaw…?