I love a beachy wave! Even if the snow continues till May… I’m feeling summer so I’m going beachy with my hair!

Effortless, dreamy beach hair is easier said than done if you’ve thick frizzy hair like me. We imagine this style is achieved by spritzing damp hair with a sea salt spray and leaving to dry naturally… this may be the case for some of you but sadly, not me!

To create this laid back Cali-cool hair all you need to do is…

  •  Spritz your hair with a leave in heat protecting product
  • Blast blow dry your hair smooth
  • GHD your hair in small sections starting away from the face on either side and then alternating directions around the head
  • Pull the GHD over the ends of the hair to straighten

Small sections and alternating directions is what creates the beachy look so take your time and work through all the hair – don’t give up!!

When all your hair is waved lift up half your hair and spritz on your beach spray  through the under layer then let down the top layer and spritz again. Separate any curls that look too big and give your roots a little rub! Gives a bit of extra body…

So yeah, super quick and super easy!!!!!!!! Obviously not! Undone hair is always harder to achieve than you’d think! But it is doable and the great thing about this look is it doest have to be perfect.

See my “Beachy Hair Products – Reviewed” post to see what products I tried and tested so you don’t have to! You’re welcome…

Sian x