In an effort to help y’all get to know me better I decided to do a little Q&A style blog post where I shall share stuff. I am huge fan of just being yourself on the old social media and have always got a bigger response to my more personal content – dunno what that says about my hairstyling… hmmm…I’ll look in to that!

So, Here goes…

How to pronounce my name (Get this one in early ;-))

She-in…as in Charlie Sheen… Mr Sheen, but in a two syllable kinda way!

Me in 5 words

Reliable, organised, artistic, musical….funny…

Claim to fame 

My Dad was a kinda ‘famous’ dummer played with all the Irish greats!

First ever Job

I worked in a sports summer camp (I know! Sports!!) during the summers for my aunt when I was in school but my first real job was in Texaco Stillorgan, and I LOVED it! We got free Wranglers with a Texaco logo on the Side… It was the 90’s!

Worst habit

Morto to admit but it’s thumb sucking! Moving swiftly on…

Guilty pleasure

Musicals, could watch ‘em all day. Was in a Musical Society all my teenage years and lived for it! Met my husband in the School musical, Grease, I was Rizzo!

Favourite quote

“Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” I trained in Toni&Guy where this was the motto!

Dream holiday

New York then on to Nashville, I love a bitta country music and seriously want to visit the Bluebird Cafe & Grand Ol’ Opry.

Pet hate

Clips being opened with mouths and visible clips in upstyles!

Anything else?

I LOVE chocolate and my feet grew half a size after I had kids! Never to return to their original size!


I’m always on the Insta-stories so you can see more of the real me over there!


Sian x